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Spike Vase

Spike Vase

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Cactus Chic Meets Functional Design!

Introducing our cactus vases, a magical fusion of desert charm and modern functionality.

Desert Bloom in Pastel Hues, Adorn your space with the enchanting allure of cacti in tranquil pastel colors. Muted greens, soft blues, and gentle pinks create a desert oasis right on your desk.

Form Meets Function; Not just a vase, a dynamic duo! Transform it into a quirky pen holder for a dash of creativity. Seamlessly switch between functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect desk companion.

Durable and Adaptable3D printed with high-quality plastic, these cactus vases are both sturdy and lightweight. Adapt to your ever-changing style by rearranging pens or switching up floral arrangements effortlessly.

Versatility Redefined: From pens to petals, these cactus vases are a canvas for your creativity. Express your style with a functional decor piece that's as dynamic as you are.


Size: M(15-25cm)


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